3 Effective Ways To Help Improve Your Child’s Study Habits


In order to perform well in school, children have to develop good home and study habits. How he acts at home reflects how he does at school – if he sits all day watching TV during weekends, he’s likely to show the same lazy attitude towards his school work.

As a parent, it is our job to push our children to the best of their abilities. Making a few simple changes to his lifestyle will boost his performance in school. Here are 3 effective ways to help improve your child’s study habits: GALLERY RESULTS AT ULTIMA WHITE

Keep him busy

It’s true that we all have lazy days, just wanting to be in bed all day or on the couch with snacks, watching TV shows. While this is acceptable once in a while, it’s not ideal to be the norm for children.

According to Mayo Clinic, kids who are in front of the TV for more than 2 hours a day are more likely to have health problems, behavioural difficulties and impaired performance in school.

So don’t be a couch potato! Keep yourself and your little one busy by playing at the park, playing educational games and such.

Encourage him to engage in physical activities

Most young kids love being active, that’s because they have so much energy! Put that energy into good use by letting him explore and try different physical activities. Not all kids are into sports, but you can at least do some encouragement (be sure to be active, too!) – keep trying different things and he’s bound to find something that he enjoys.

If your child finds a sport that he grows to love, he’ll learn more about goal-setting and focus, which will be translated into his studies. So get out there and expose your child to a range of sports and physical activities – let him have the freedom of choosing what he wants to try!

Instill a good reading habit

Strong reading skills start at home. From you reading to your toddler bed time stories every night to him choosing his own books to read for fun, a good reading habit is an essential component to a kid’s success in school. Encourage reading to be part of his bed time and play time routines – be sure to allow him to choose what books he’d want to read!

The abovementioned tips, on top of the daily allotted time to study and do homework, can help boost your child’s interest and performance in school! Try these effective ways to improve your child’s study habits!


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