Learn to Set Your Fitness Goals Correctly to Get the Body of Your Dreams


Setting fitness goals

Train your mind to work with your subconscious mind. It’s like training for success. Before you can begin achieving your goals, you first have to know what you want, and that means you need to get focus. If you want to achieve your goals, improve your life, enjoy life or discover your true calling, whatever it is you want to achieve you first have to decide why it is important and then come up with a plan.

Did you know that 80% of people who write down their goals, achieve them. But less than 5% of people in the world actually write down their goals and desires. Those are astounding figures, and think about it, just by simply writing down your goals, objectives and plans you increase your chance of success and achievement by 80%. Did you also know that most successful people and the wealthiest people in the world wrote down their goals and came up with a solid plan of action before they became successful. Now you know why they are successful.

So why does coming up with a plan and making a decision makes such a difference? Because when you make a decision, when you write it down, when you come up with a plan you tell your subconscious mind and you send out a message that you are ready for success and that you will accept nothing less than success. It’s a powerful message that supercharges your subconscious mind to get moving on achieving these goals

You must write specific goals (short, mid and long-term), this way your subconscious mind will absorb the information and be totally programmed and prepared.

For example, what body percentage do you want to achieve? How many pounds of fat do you want to get rid of? How many pounds do you want to weigh? What clothing size do you want to wear? Write big and exciting goals. You are capable of achieving anything, so write big and exciting goals. Also write why you want them, the empowering reasons and emotions, this will be your fuel. For example: “I want to be lean”(because I will look good and I will be happier), “I want to have six-pack-abs and look like a model”(to attract the opposite sex), “I want to have perfect health and be proud of how I look”(because I want to live many years and get to play with my grandchildren), etc.

a)Short-term goals: Write what you want to achieve during your current day and week

Example: “Today I’m going to eat 1500 calories split into 4 meals a day. I’m going to do cardio in the morning before eating breakfast and then I’m going to go to the gym in the evening. I will train chest, triceps, shoulders and abs”

“This week I’m going to lose 4 pounds of fat and I’m going to go to the gym on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’m also going to do morning cardio on those days too.”

b)Mid-term goals: Write what you want to achieve in a 1-12 months period

Example: “In the next 3 months, I will lose 30 pounds of fat and get in the best shape of my life. I’m going to do cardio and weight training at least 4 days a week and have a smart nutritional plan.”

c)Long-term goals: Write what you want to achieve in a 1-10 year period

Example: “I will drop my body fat percentage to 7% and maintain it all year round, doing exercise 4 days a week minimum, also I’m going to build around 15 pounds of muscle while choosing a smart nutritional plan”


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