Penis Dry Rubbing – Possible Well being Concerns For 90% of All Men


Dry rubbing (manual stroking of non lubricated penis) by oneself or other folks may induce penile wellness issues this sort of as the adhering to not uncommon penile well being fears as shown in this article.

a. Active rubbing of dry penile pores and skin may be harmful to penis

1. Dry rubbing of penis pores and skin through guide stroking may possibly result in microscopic cracks or breaks in pores and skin of penis. These microscopic cracks may let microorganisms and virus to enter, journey and result in infection

everywhere in the entire body.

2. Rubbing of dry penile pores and skin may possibly destruction penile cell neurons and decrease penile sensitivity sooner or later diminishing sexual enjoyment

3. Dry rubbing excessively by manual stroking could trigger urethral destruction and might type urethral scar tissue. This, in turn, can direct to urethral stricture. diminish urinary stream and bring about trouble urinating or may possibly lower ejaculation volume.

4. Dry rubbing excessively by manual stroking may well lead to penis vein destruction and can lead to penile circulatory difficulties this kind of as erectile dysfunction or unattractive ruined little veins and capillaries.

5. Dry rubbing by effective guide stroking action might cause problems to phallic connective tissue that may end result in Peyronie’s condition which is indicated by a slight upward curve of penis shaft or bending or shortening of penis shaft.

6. Handbook dry rubbing of the penis may well, above time, create a “callous” outcome to penile pores and skin that microscopically “toughens” penile skin. Callous-like regions of penile pores and skin can diminish penile feeling.

Answer: Be light. Inform your lover, or your self, to use a light-weight contact when stroking the penis or use a lubricant or even a smooth item these as a feather or gentle t-shirt. Use your creativeness but getting gentle is the important to keeping away from potential penile health and fitness issues.

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